Discontent and Possibly Upheaval


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle chickens, Alzheimer’s, Oromo, Oxfam, Duterte, Korea, the Red Pheasant First Nation in Saskatchewan, Benny Netanyahu, Syria, Infrastructure Week, food stamps, guidance documents, Russian meddling, DACA, ICE, domestic violence, Stormy Daniels’ payoff, gun control, Title IX, Anglo-American heritage, Mark Twain, and more.


The Draft Deferment Parade


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle tigers, crayfish, super-wood, dog meat, the Dow, Tesco, Ernst & Young, street drones, the budget, the memo, FEMA fraud, a man of true integrity and honor, good global warming, the deferment parade, cake, and more.

Grave Concerns


Nathan, Mike, & Mahler tackle Nutella, carnival beads, ivory, Nazis, black site jogging, the Drone Lab, FBI kerfluffles, oligarchs, sex drug tests on children, CDC tobacco, SOTU, resigning Republicans, mental healthcare, oil extraction, deepfakes, & more.

Secret Society


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle botox camels, Lula, Davos, Saudi arms, smog drones, women marching, DACA, Ty Cobb, morons, sanctuary cities, the Federal Reserve, solar panels, job experience, gerrymandering, Hillbilly Heroin, USA Gymnastics, net neutrality, inciting violence, golden toilets, and more.

This Is Not A Drill


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle musical brains, Team Korea, sea lions, saiga antelopes, Cape Town, drunk droning, nuclear cyberattacks, false alarms, DACA, White Norway, Mute Bannon, National Parks, action plans, net neutrality, Trump Porn, perfect health, and more.

Pesticides for Kids


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle butterflies, turtles, bats, mudslides, abortion, Kushner, Libor, gerrymandering, coal, immigration, 7-Eleven, Fusion GPS, Bye-Bye Bannon, surveillance, Medicaid, shitholes, racist sheriffs, blackmail, a full rack of ribs, and more.



Offboarding Cannabis


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle women in Iceland, banished words, desertification, Ethiopia, Iran protests, Palestine, big buttons, flying a blender, cracking an egg, voter suppression, marine monuments, offshore drilling, Orrin Hatch, ICE, the 2020 Census, fracking, marijuana and more.