Tabloid Trash


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Night Owls, the Gulf Stream, Kinder Morgan, interfaith marriage, Gaza, major decisions, Access Hollywood, retiring Ryan, Brown v. Board of Education, Pruitt’s death threats, Zuckerberg, tabloid trash, the Tribune, the Post, Blazing Boehner,, and more.



This Is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle galaxies, flat earth surveys, Antarctica, caravans, el-Sisi, Kashmir, Syria, Google drones, trade wars, dead DACA, firing Pruitt, targets and subjects, qualified immunity, de Lozada, Sinclair lies, democratic wins, necessary force, and more.

I Love Your New Hotel


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle rubber duckies, a falling Chinese satellite, expelling diplomats, denuclearization, drone escorts, CPR, the second amendment, Saudi Arabia, Trump’s thought processes, the Census, abortion death penalty, Kusher, Transgender troops, Stormy, sexual harassment, ICE, Facebook, Offspring, and more.




Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Kahlo Barbie, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the last male northern white rhinoceros, Putin pine nuts, the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, Trump tariffs, the budget, McCabe, Dowd, Kushner the landlord, FEMA deniers, Fox News, Uber death, iPhone gun, Republican Nazi, Cambridge Analytica, Oprah, and more.

Fox News Grandpa


Nathan, Mike, & Mahler tackle a $100,000-a-month cocaine habit, an eye-roll, a badge of honor, a fairy tale, chemical weapons, pollination drones, subpoenas, Dodd-Frank, Russian hackers, Conor Lamb, the Space Force, drug dealers, Toys R Us, & more.

Donald Trump’s Porn Name


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler reconfigure body odors, the moon, Archbishop Óscar Romero, Sri Lanka, the Koreas, Tantalum, the clueless, the careless, the criminal, a piece of that Oval Office, drunken live interviews, hazardous waste, gun control measures, Jeffbo, Stormy, severe turbulence, and more.


Trump Is Coming For Your Guns!


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle the universe, Uber, Emperor Xi Jinping, Taliban peace talks, more Yemen, nuclear weapons smorgesborg, Hope Hicks, a bad family owned business, a $5,000 chair, afraid of the NRA, Trump the racist, Unions, Hurricane Maria, killing drug dealers, Feinstein, and more.