Tune to KUCI this Friday at 8 am


Tune in to KUCI 88.9 FM this Friday at 8 am for another lockdown edition of Weekly Signals.  This week, in a continuing flashback, we replay Nathan and Mike interviewing Ralph Steadman about his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson and Steadman’s book, The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson and Me.  • Also, a cow is blind and John Tottenham is looking for The One. • Arturo Bandini remixes Kruder and Dorfmeister with special appearances by Ann Waldman, Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan. • Alan Ginsberg reads his poem Wales Visitation to William F. Buckley Jr. while Alan Watts meditates and Nathan considers Rebel Without a Cause.

Googling Betsy DeVos’ Brother


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle chlamydia, memories, cheap solar, Brent crude oil, electric hand dryers, cutting the CDC budget, the payroll tax cut, Trump emoluments, coffee, chocolate, malaria, blazars, and more.

Black Hole Water World


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle rats, water world, Sagittarius A-Star, the hottest ever, good billionaires, Goks uncertainty language, Crypto AG, Public banks, bad polling places, and more.

Space Junk


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle pedestrians, space junk, Gray Whale solar storms, permafrost relief, The Frontier Project, dairy cows, phytomining, poor jobs/good jobs, Title X, Richard Grenell, every possible melody, Gif/Jif, and more.

The Fabulous Fecal Plume


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle car-sized turtles, the second quantum revolution, the marijuana-beer coalition, seaweed fuel, fooling Tesla, Trump’s EPA, unpriced risk, whale poop, the military’s climate crisis, the right to repair, data privacy, polygamy, and more.

Our First Mass Extinction


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle vision implants, autonomous cars, solar-powered desalination, the world’s biggest iceberg, global systemic collapse, raiding renewable energy, Trump’s repugnant budget, the defenders of foreign interference, Nazi architecture, small cannabis farming, and more.

Abrupt Thaw


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle monkey-wrenching Google Maps, killing bee mites, shutting down coal, abrupt thaw, night panels, Humboldt wind power, the National Censored Archives Redux, El Salvador asylum seekers, the Finnish Dream, decriminalizing nature and more.


A Blatant Political Manipulation of Science


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle boiling plasma, Mr. Peanut, flash graphene, the green accelerator, input footprints, cow farts, monarch butterflies, cock fight losers, forever chemicals, sustainable roofs, a blatant political manipulation of science, 5G, your local library, falling iguanas, and more.

Terry Jones: The War on the War on Terror


On his birthday — fifteen years ago this February 1st — the late, great Terry Jones, founding member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus took time out to talk to Mike and me about his latest bit of writing, a collection of columns brought together in his then-newly published book, The War on the War on Terror, which targets, with wit and venom, the Anglo-American response to September 11.

The National Censored Archives


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle the platypus, scorpions, cancer cures, the ozone hole, new bad plastic, low-tech cities, the Green Gold Rush, the Truth About the Trump Economy, West Point porn, the National Censored Archives, free tuition, and more.