Fukushima Fruitcake


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Albert Einstein, Crabs, Fukushima, holiday fruitcake, hamburgers, crab fishermen, deafening seismic surveys, and more.


The Curse of Time Warner


By Nathan Callahan | A Tale of Dodger Greed |

You could say it would set a bad precedent for these blacked-out Dodgers to win the World Series. As the highest playroll team in Major League Baseball, the logic goes, Time Warner (or whatever the conglomerate who owns the Dodgers is calling itself these days) needed to jack up the price. They needed to make their product exclusive.  But in doing so, the Dodgers crossed their fans.  The public trust became a product line.  What they gained today, they could easily lose tomorrow.

There are ghosts at Chavez Ravine where, in 1957, thousands of low-income residents, mostly of Mexican descent, were cast out in order to build Dodger Stadium.  Now, as I stand near the third base line, I can hear their spirits whispering in the hills. May a cold wind blow in from the outfield when a Dodger connects.  May a bad hop turn an inning-ending double play into an opponent’s game winning hit.  May a blue-capped shortstop lose the ball in the lights.

It’s a messed-up game.  Boston had the Curse of the Bambino.  Chicago had the Curse of the Billy Goat.  Los Angeles has the Curse of Time Warner.


Trump’s Death Cult


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Hitler, springtime growth, tsunamis, Okinawa, we fell in love, tagger drones, the Trump Death Cult, Stormy, Brett, Bart, the GRU, USMCA, Wilbur Ross, Amazon, a small loan of a million dollars, and more.

Donald Trump’s Very, Very Large Brain


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle caterpillar robots, storm surge, coal ash, Acapulco cartels, drone hobbyists, blacking out, the 25th Amendment, green cards, grizzly bears, bomb trains, cartoon evidence, a “sexually violent predator,” stoned lobsters, and more.

Mr. Mushroom Head


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle octopuses, nuclear pasta, the marathon, waste lagoons, the Korean War, Fort Trump, mind drones, a high school party, intelligence, tariff rates, refugees, Wilbur Ross, the Music Modernization Act, the Texas State Board of Education, The Uranus Examiner, and more.

An Incredible Unsung Success


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Pussy Riot, pig shite, a grotesque parody of justice, a pot smoking hippie, methane gas, 12,800 migrant children, shekels, sex for influence, Dasani on Mars, used jets, capricious DeVos, Moonves, orgies, bear repellent, and more.

A Gutless Editorial


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle female monkeys, Brazil’s National Museum, Elephant poachers, Kinder Morgan, Fear, Duterte, Venus Drone Traps, Kavanaugh’s dodging, Booker’s dare, crazytown, The Stop Bezos Act, sleeping on the streets, Kaepernick, The Village Voice, and more.