Human Head Transplant


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle bagpipes, head transplants, plastics, marriage equality, fascists, Duterte, a secret deal, Martian drones, tax reform, UrineGate, Trump Jr., groping, elephants, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the “untold story,” Napolitano cheating, and more.


Travelling Weapons Salesman


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle sheep, genetically modified skin, dinosaurs, the “Heavenly Palace,” the ozone layer, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, an “act of war,” Trump in China, Uber Elevate, Blue Tuesday, the Paradise Papers, inequality, AT&T’s choice, chunky soccer moms, and more.

A Congress of Traitors


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Neanderthals, the Pliocene epoch, sexual harrassment, breast measurements, body parts, the Green Zone, nuclear attacks, peeping drones, bond007, UrineGate, the Diversary Lottery, transgender troops, the Book of Joshua, Robert E. Lee, Castro, Whitefish, OxyContin, and more.

Oxy Morons


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle roadside prayer, Bad Rabbit, climate ignorance, Whitefish Energy, Article 9, Michel Temer, Burma, Niger, drones aplenty, sin, suing banks, the budget, the main studio rule, the dossier, the GEO Group, opioids, DeVos, David Cop-a-Feel, white nationalism, MBAmerica, and more.

Manufacturing Divorce


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle kilonovas, insect biomass, WPA2, Catalonia, Togo, indiscriminate killings, Mogadishu, Larry Flynt, the travel ban, the ACA, the DNC, the opioid epidemic, climate change denial, jailing journalists, Peter Navarro, deranged animals, Bergdahl, the necessity defense, nonbinaries, and more.


Bad for Country


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle the ozone layer, Putin’s birthday, the sonic hoax, the Sixties Scoop, the Red Cross, the nuclear deal, the White Widow, the Dirty Air Plan, junk insurance, UNESCO, Puerto Rico, adult day care, the First Amendment, unraveling, Russian agents, Blackwater, the Boy Scouts, California fires, Weinstein, Pence, and more.

The Curse of Time Warner Revisited


By Nathan Callahan | A Tale of Dodger Greed | You could say it would set a bad precedent for these blacked-out Dodgers to win the World Series. As the highest playroll team in Major League Baseball, the logic goes, Time Warner (or whatever the conglomerate who owns the Dodgers is calling itself these days) needed to jack up the cable TV price. They needed to make their product exclusive. But in doing so, the Dodgers crossed their fans. The public trust became a product line. What they gained today, they could easily lose tomorrow.