Scents and Nonsense

scents.jpgNathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle Paltrow’s vagina products, unique intelligence, engineered living materials, the ginkgo biloba tree, 5 Hiroshima bombs of heat, the cost of renewable energy, floating wind farms, daylight saving time, Canada v U.S. health care costs, memory impairment, squirrels, and more.



Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle new cannabinoids, renewable Fukushima, cleaner air smart students, bad almonds, quasi-immortality, fact hacks, the Hofeller Update, Trump’s demons, leaf blowers, the Y2020 bug, and more.

Dim Bulbs


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle composting toilets, DNA tests, drunk teens, pre-meditated bone-sawing, climate change-denying railroads, Trump squared, hacking the election, traditional voter suppression, dim bulbs, tomatoes on Mars, and more.

Supertrees with Superpowers


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle little punks, Trump pork, the larynx, Ohio methane, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Madrid morass, supertrees with superpowers, a better battery, a bad China deal, dot-orgs, swiping for gas, and more.

Climate Enemy #1


Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle cowboy pigeons, the long night moon, fish antibiotics, deoxygenation, the Church of Atheism, oil subsidies, drunk Wisconsin, blue energy, the Forever War, #flushtrump, the odds on the president, anti-voting laws, Satanism, MERMAIDS, and more.

Hacking the Census


Special guest co-host Claudia Shambaugh, Nathan, and Mahler tackle robocalls, hacking the census, charging for asylum, Utah’s refugees, no food on the table, punishing the innocent, Republicans in Moscow on the Fourth of July, Putin’s encyclopedia, the Pentagon’s climate crisis, deer in the headlights, and more.